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Boman & Associates has access to a portfolio of specialized “Named Peril” coverages to insure our California growers.

Some of these specialized coverages include: Raisin Reconditioning, Citrus Freeze Coverage and Almond Extra Price. For more information see below and contact us for other specialized coverages.


Citrus Freeze Coverage

We offer both Grower & Packer Citrus Freeze | LEARN MORE

Citrus Freeze Coverage

The Grower Citrus Freeze insurance policy is an annual policy which protects citrus growers against yield losses due to internal or external damage caused by freeze while the fruit is on the trees.

Packer Citrus Freeze covers losses in packing revenue incurred by the packer. This policy can cover the shortfall of a specific number of cartons as selected by the packer directly caused by freeze which prevents the citrus from meeting standards such as fresh marketable citrus. Contact us for more details.


Raisin Reconditioning

We offer Raisin Reconditioning insurance. | LEARN MORE

Raisin Reconditioning

The Raisin Reconditioning policy reimburses growers for the extra expense of wash and dry reconditioning directly due to rainfall while on trays in the insured vineyard during the insurance period. The policy will reimburse you for slipping, turning, or other field expense incurred by the grower due to the direct rainfall on the trays. It does not insure against lost production or decrease in the value of raisins, other than an allowance for shrinkage. Contact us for more details.


Almond Extra Price

We offer Almond Extra Price insurance. | LEARN MORE

Almond Extra Price

The almond extra price policy allows the grower to purchase more $ coverage per pound of $.25, $.35, $.50, or $.75 cents per lb above the MPCI insurance price. Contact us for more details.

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